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  • Garden fresh turmeric powder that has a golden-yellow colour. Known for its high car cumin (colour property) content. It is a popular variety in India, where turmeric is used as a key colouring agent in ‘curries’.
  • Turmeric has a mild, earthy and woody flavor. It stimulates protein digestion, and is an excellent blood purifier. The use of turmeric as a coloring agent in food dates back as far as 600 B.C.In medieval Europe.
  • We Kapi Global Exim, the Exporter and Supplier of Whole Turmeric Finger and Turmeric Bulb
  • Turmeric Figure: HS Code 09103030
  • Harvesting Season: Jan To May

Specification for Turmeric Powder

TypeTurmeric Powder
Moisture7% (Max)
CurcuminMin 2.30%
Ash6.5% (Max)
Ash Insoluble0.5% (Max)
Total Starch50% (Max)
Chromate TestNegative

Spice Range

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